Renewable Energy

Echelon Data Centres supports the measures and targets outlined in the Irish government’s climate action plan 2019, and believes that, as a minimum, data centres should be powered wholly by renewable energy.

The company supports the PPA model – facilitating the development of renewable energy generation infrastructure – however believes that, in the longer term, other (potentially off-grid) solutions need to be examined, developed and implemented.

In November 2020, Echelon Data Centres and SSE Renewables signed a deal to fund and construct grid infrastructure – on the site of Echelon’s DUB20 100MW data centre – that will facilitate the development of Ireland’s largest offshore windfarm.

The windfarm, with a capacity of 520MW, will connect to the grid via a co-located substation which will also supply the energy needs of the data centre.

A hydrogen production facility is also planned for the DUB20 site. With ample access to water from the Avoca River and the proximity of a source of large-scale renewable energy – plus a national grid connection – DUB20 is ideally suited to facilitate the creation of a long-term, sustainable solution to energy storage.

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