Our goal is to provide essential data centre infrastructure sustainably and ethically, recognising responsibilities to people and partners, to the community and to the planet.

Echelon Data Centres believes that data centres should be powered sustainably. This means reducing strain on overburdened grid infrastructure (and thereby contributing to security of supply) in the short term, while enabling renewable energy and investing in alternative energy sources in the medium and long terms.

We recognise that sustainability comprises distinct areas of focus and that each area requires equal investment if a business is to be truly sustainable. The area of social responsibility – being a good corporate citizen, focusing on community involvement and impact and actively delivering societal value – is, therefore, a priority.Echelon understands that data centres are essential infrastructure – without which modern society would not function as it does currently. It is our belief, however, that the essential services that data centres provide should not come at an unacceptable environmental cost.

This means a focus on renewable energy, on power usage efficiencies, on advances in cooling technologies, on battery storage development and on alternative energy production methods. Echelon is also engaged in re-wilding and afforestation initiatives.

Renewable Energy


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Alternative Energy


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Social Responsibility


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