Data centres operators don’t seek the limelight. Why would we? The services we provide might be central to the interconnected modern world in which we live, but they take place in the background and are delivered without fuss or fanfare.

Frankly, we prefer it that way – as, no doubt, do the businesses and individuals whose information flows safely, securely, and speedily through the windowless structures that power the digital age.

However, several narratives have taken hold about data centres in recent years which unfairly misrepresent the industry, and Echelon feels that we need to respond to them.

These narratives tend to be along the lines of:

  • Data centres are using all the electricity
  • Data centres are going to cause power outages
  • Data centres don’t create jobs or contribute to the economy
  • Data centres are going to make us miss our climate targets

These tropes are, at best, misinformed and, at worst, just plain wrong – yet they are routinely trotted out by some politicians and activists. Echelon believes the public deserves to see the full picture; the positive ways in which data centres make a vital contribution to individuals, communities, the economy and our environment.

That’s why we made a video called ‘What if there were no Data Centres?’. The video shows viewers just some of the many ways the internet and data touch our every day lives – through work, transport, health, shopping, and, of course, when socialising.
It explains the role that data centres play in supporting the electricity network by providing grid infrastructure; how they facilitate investment in renewable energy projects; how the efficiency of modern data centres reduces energy use, helps businesses to decarbonise their IT systems and reduce their (and your) carbon footprint.

Let’s not for one minute suggest that all data centres are lean, green, byte-processing machines powered by 100% renewable energy. They’re not, but Echelon is determined to be part of the solution – for the grid, the economy, communities, and the environment.

The purpose of our video is to challenge misconceptions and provoke debate about how an industry that provides critical infrastructure for so many essential services in our lives, can continue playing a positive part in the march towards a more sustainable future. We recommend that you watch ‘What if there were no Data Centres?’, and get in touch if you have any questions about it.

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