The report contains a series of independent thought-leadership articles by industry experts addressing the key issues pre-occupying the data centre sector in the third decade of the 21st Century, including:

  • The road to data centre sustainability
  • Investment strategies for data centre sustainability
  • Symbiosis between data centres and renewable energy providers
  • Powering data centres in the future
  • Recognising challenge, developing solutions, building expertise

The over-arching theme of the publication is data centre sustainability, a subject that is at the forefront of any industry debate as demand for data centre capacity grows and its environmental and societal impacts require increasing levels of mitigation.

Topics covered in this anthology include renewable energy provision and its symbiotic relationship with data centres, on-site energy generation and the potential of biogas and green hydrogen to end reliance on gas and diesel, battery technology, liquid cooling and increasing power usage efficiency, and ethical investing.

The Echelon publication ‘Data Centres 2021 – Power and Influence’ is available as a free download.

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