We are Echelon Data Centres

Echelon Data Centres owns and operates large-scale data centre infrastructure developed to meet the capacity demands of the future.

Infrastructure that is responsibly designed, sustainably powered and allied to Echelon’s ongoing investment in renewable and alternative power sources.

Infrastructure that is built and managed sustainably and ethically, recognising our responsibilities to the people and partners we work with, the communities where we operate, the society we are a part of, and the planet we all share.

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Our Data Centre Infrastructure

Our World

Our world is interconnected and relies on data to keep it functioning. It relies on data for communication, transaction, entertainment, innovation and to implement solutions for the challenges that it faces.

New technologies and new ways of living and working are developing increasingly quickly and their opportunities and potentials are seemingly limitless.

Data centre capacity – on hitherto unseen scale – will be central to our shared future.

Echelon’s goal is to provide that capacity, while mitigating the impact its facilities have on society, on energy infrastructure, on the communities in which it operates and – ultimately – on our environment.

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The voice of Echelon

This is the Echelon Data Centres story, told in our own words..

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