We are Echelon Data Centres

Echelon Data Centres is committed to the concept of Green Data, by delivering large-scale data centre assets that are more cleanly and sustainably powered now, moving to 100% renewable, green energy in the future.

Echelon currently has six facilities under development in the UK and Ireland with a potential combined capacity of around 500MW. Echelon’s LCY10 (London Docklands) site will be ready for occupation in Q3 2021 and its DUB10 site (Clondalkin, Dublin) in Q4 2021.

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Can we Continue to Power Data Centres and Claim Sustainability?

There is an average of three devices for every human on the planet, and the number’s growing exponentially. Most of these devices rely on cloud communications, built upon platforms that comprise sophisticated software and hardware systems networked across regions. Technology companies utilise data centres to provide the backbone for all the internet and cloud services […]

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Current Projects


Echelon Data Centres recognises that in the short to medium term, as the industry moves towards genuinely renewable and environmentally friendly operations, ‘halfway house’ solutions will be required to mitigate against ageing and overburdened grid infrastructure.

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